Kitchen essentials: Equipment

By Optimum Strength on August 7, 2016 - Category: Kitchen , Meal Prep , Nutrition

Being able to prepare simple, tasty, affordable meals which are in-line with your goals, is an important part of being healthy, achieving or maintaining the physique you want, and powering your performances.

With the right equipment at hand, the task of cooking is made a lot easier, more enjoyable, and it gives you more options. Good, basic kitchen utensils, gadgets, and bits of equipment are not hard to find. Shop around for the best prices, and opt for good quality stuff on important items like knives and cookware where you can, as it will last you longer and give you better results.

Here’s a list of the things in my kitchen that I use, and would recommend to any less-than-gourmet cooks like me, to make things easier and more enjoyable when preparing your own meals:

Large non-stick frying pan pan (25-30cm)
Large roasting tray (30cm x 35cm)
Set of thick-bottomed saucepans with lids (15cm, 20cm, 25cm)
Baking dish
Chopping board
Chef’s knife
Paring knife
Serrated bread knife
Measuring cups
Weighing scales
Garlic crusher
Silicone tipped Tongs (as to not scratch the pans)
Wooden/silicon spoon
Wooden/silicon Slotted spoon
Silicon Spatula
Potato masher
Salad spinner
Can opener
Food processor with attachments
Tupperware and storage containers (BPA-free microwave safe plastic, or glass)
Appropriate sized serving bowls, plates, and platters

It’s easy to be daunted in the kitchen if you’ve never really learnt to cook, but like with anything you just need to make a start, make some mistakes, and find your way. Get yourself a cookbook to help you get started, this book, helped me a lot.

Enjoy your food. Enjoy the process of cooking. Enjoy eating, and sharing with friends and family. Enjoy improving your health.